The soldier formerly know as “Marine A” has finally been released following his time served for slaughtering an injured enemy combatant and recording his crime in full audio and video.

But he has complained the media attention has made him a fan of the far right.

“I don’t particularly want to talk about it after everything I’ve been through. It was a difficult situation, I did wrong, served my time and just want to live my life in peace.

“Now EDL members are driving past, honking and shouting ‘hero’ every time I’m out.

“When I go to buy groceries the same people want selfies. They ask me to re-enact the whole scene on them so they can film it. One guy in Tesco wanted me to improvise with a banana pointed at him making gunshot sounds.

“Then he said ‘go on, say it! Say it! Say shuffle off your mortal coil you c**t!’ Which I did begrudgingly. Then his mate said in a low voice: ‘obviously guys this goes nowhere fellas, just broke the Geneva convention’. They both cracked up laughing and walked away posting it on Facebook.

“To be honest it’s the last thing I need, I feel bad about what happened and just want a quiet life now. I’m not a hero, I was just trying do a good job in a bad situation.

“This isn’t helping my life and to be honest I hate racists. ”

Perhaps if the EDL were such fans of Blackman, they wouldn’t be endlessly publicising his actions and just let him live his life in peace and build a new life anonymously, rather than live their Muslim murdering fantasies through someone else.