In a blistering attack worthy of such Hip Hop classics Tupac Shakur’s Hit Em up and Nas Escobar’s Ether.

G to the Ozzo real name George Osborne delivers a blistering attack with his new crew the London Evening Standard Ruff Ryders at his former record label Tory Party Inc and its boss Theresa “Suge” May.

The album is littered with hard hitting jabs at his former employers. Particularly cutting the single “Austerity” and his latest release “If Heaven had private investment.”

“Fam Theresa is well bate innit.” George says in a heavily urban Eton accent. “Bruv someone’s gotta rep the coast cuz.” “Those riders from the left side is rising and she’s well shaming us.”

And this is why G to the Ozzo feels that this diss track is a call to arms for the mandem Tories to rise up against justice, propserity, equality an ting.