Today Marine B was quietly reflecting on the time he shot a badly wounded prisoner of war in Helmand.

No one else ever heard about it because he remembered not to fucking film it.

It’s not all forgotten war crimes and toasts to old comrades though, because right now, Marine B who was never able to come to terms with the trauma he suffered, is currently in a tent in the Brecon Beacons overdosing on painkillers. His body will be found by ramblers tomorrow morning.

The sad fact is that, not only was Marine B sent into the most hellish circumstances possibly without proper support or equipment, which sent him completely over the edge when he returned, the full horror of his PTSD was left to tear his life up and lead him to suicide.

Not only did this travesty for everyone involved happen to Marine B, to Marine A and thousands of others, the real criminals, the members of government of the day, got away without so much as a fine.