Following the release of a teaser for the upcoming Star Wars VIII documentary film, the BBC has been accused of heavy bias towards the rebel scum. 

Recent Question Time programmes have featured panels heavy with survivors of the Alderan atrocity, the Jawa Protection League and the Green Party. But very few members of the Order, Sith or Conservative Party have featured. At least not since David Davis tried to Force choke David Dimbleby after an awkward question over Brexit. 

Editor of the Daily Mail, Darth P’aul had this to say; “It’s high time the BBC was brought to heel and started reporting the concerns of the average hard working stormtrooper. Three times now the Rebels have massacred innocent members of the empire on board Death Stars on routine training missions, without any criticism from the BBC. In fact, the views of those who wish to enslave worlds under a totalitarian jackboot with mystical forces of oppression aren’t represented at all.”

“And they lost the rights to the Pod Racing to Sky. All they have left now is Holographic Monster Chess!”