Hot on the heels of naming a new species of shrimp after wall breaking rockers Pink Floyd, zoologists have named a newly discovered sub-species of Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig after Paul Golding the leader of the far right, racist Facebook meme, “Britain First”.

According to Wan Fat Wat Professor of zoology at Saigon University, the newly discovered sub species, *Sus goldingus domesticus* bears an uncanny resemblance to Golding both in appearance and behaviour,”

“Paul’s a chubby lad – there’s a good bit of meat on him especially around the belly,” said Professor Wat, explaining that it wasn’t just the lard layer that suggested the likeness.

“It’s more his habit of wandering anywhere he feels like, irrespective of warnings and his constant bellowing for attention and money,” he said, explaining that *goldingus domesticus* has to be kept firmly chained up otherwise it charges straight through any closed door it sees and eats everything in sight.

“And don’t think you can stop it easily. Try getting in its way and it bellows like, well like a stuck pig,” he said. Commenting on the appropriateness of naming a fat far eastern porcine after a fat British fascist, Professor Wat pointed out that Britain First have frequently threatened to bury pigs at the sites of mosques and frequently share images of pork and bacon products on their Facebook page.

“They seem to have a peculiar affinity for pigs. I mean lots of people like a bacon butty or a packet of scratchings, but that’s no reason to whine on about them incessantly, and try to force them on others” he said.

*Goldingus Domesticus* and the Pink Floyd shrimp *Synalpheus pinkfloydi *, are not alone in having been named after public figures.

Other recent additions to the genre include *Eriovixia gryffindori*, a spider named after a character in the Harry Potter books and a curiously blonde bewigged moth with minute genitals named *Neopalpa donaldtrumpi*.

There may be more to follow with Zoologists at Chigley University in Trumptonshire reportedly toying with naming a new species of praying mantis, *Teresa sinensis, *after the current British prime minister.

“It’s one of those species where the female eats the male after mating,” said a spokesman.

“Donald Tusk had better watch out – not that I’m suggesting anything,” he added.