It has been revealed today that Dr David Dao, the passenger on a United Airlines flight who was beaten for sitting in a seat he paid for, once returned a library book a month late.

The Daily Mail Online has made the shock revelations which appear to totally turn the story on its head, and show that the man who slammed the doctor’s face into an armrest was totally justified in doing so.

The Mail claims the doctor once borrowed a copy of the tome “Lord Rothermere’s Tax Returns 2000-2010” from the fiction section of his local library, and did not return it even after several stern emails were sent to him. It was only after the threat of SWAT intervention in the matter that it was returned.

A Mail spokesman told us; “This just goes to show that yes, the Doctor may have been sitting peacefully in an aircraft seat which he paid for with legitimately earned money in a free country, but deep down he’s the worst sort of scum and anyone should have the right to know his past and beat him horiffically without fear of prosecution.”

He also added; “We’re just upset the Doctor wasnt female as we would probably encourage past lovers to talk about their sex life too.”