Following reports of a United Airlines passenger being violently removed from an overbooked flight on Sunday, angry Ryanair passengers have demanded to know why they can’t be treated with the same level of dignity.

Several videos have emerged of the passenger, allegedly a doctor, being pulled out of his seat by security officers and then dragged down the aisle by his arms. Regular Ryanair travelers have expressed outrage at reports that the customer was not charged any extra fees to be treated that way and may even have been re-accommodated on a later flight.

“I can only dream, DREAM, of being forcibly removed from my seat and dragged away in an undignified manner,” said frequent flyer, Paul Simpson, 32. “And they did it for free! No hidden charges, nothing. Jammy bastard.”

Another regular Ryanair passenger, Susan Quimby, 42, said it was refreshing to see another airline showing such honest contempt for their customers.

“I think it’s nice the way they treated him like absolute shit by degrading him as a human being and openly using physical violence, rather than just adding charges to every single fucking aspect of the flight experience, like complete and utter bastards,” she told reporters.

Ryanair has rejected claims that passengers are dissatisfied with its service. A spokesperson told the Herald, “All of Ryanair’s services and fees are published clearly on our website, and our flight staff always do their best to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible.

“Though even if we didn’t, who gives a shit? Our customer base consists largely of the sort of idiots who applaud when the plane lands. Seriously, what’s the fucking alternative to landing?”