Syrian parents took to social media yesterday in support of Jon Platt, the British father who the Supreme Court deemed to have broken the law by taking his daughter to DisneyLand during term time.

“It is outrageous the cost of taking your children on holiday during the school holidays.” Adnan Shakour, a 37 year old gravedigger from Aleppo told The Rochdale Herald. “It’s expensive enough during term time, what with the cost of the people smugglers, life jackets and the bribes we have to pay to border officials. It’s an outrage.”

Adnan has been struggling to make ends meet as a gravedigger in Aleppo as there are literally no bodies left to bury.

“I’m not going to lie. It’s been tough this last year, gravedigging is hard enough work but in Aleppo most of the bodies are pre-buried in the rubble and you don’t have to dig a particularly big hole to bury a newborn so cash is tight. DisneyLand putting their prices up by 50% during the school holidays is just putting DisneyLand out of reach for your average Syrian gravedigger.”

Fortunately for Adnan he won’t need to pay for a family of five when he does save enough money to visit the Magic Kingdom because two of his three children were killed in Russian airstrikes last year.

“The Supreme Court ruling is an outrage! It’s taking away the rights of parents to decide if their kids should be educated” said Shireen Kulvana, a 15 year old mother of 3. “The Caliphate tried to stop me taking my daughters to school, but they didn’t stop me. President Assad stopped me when he had it barrel-bombed”

Mustapha Hasim, a self-employed builder from Homs told The Rochdale Herald “I know what it’s like. I can only take my kids away in term time – that’s when they bomb the Schools. I don’t want to sound racist, but in the holidays I’m busier than a Baghdad bricklayer rebuilding them.”

Jon Platt was unavailable for comment as he was out buying an iPad for his daughter.