In a shock move, Magic Roundabout stars Florence and Dougal have announced they are quitting the UK to move back to their native France amidst fears for their safety after the triggering of article 50.

Bearded supporting cast member Mr McHenry, who has been in nominal charge of “the garden” since the death of its creators Serge Danot and Ivor Wood confirmed that Florence and Dougal had already left for an unknown destination in rural France and that other cast members were expected to follow.

“Mr Rusty is in the process of selling his house and possessions and we believe Zebedee is also preparing to make the leap, probably in time for bed,” he said adding that there was some concern over some other cast members.

“Dylan was sighted recently busking outside Goodge Street tube station with Brian on maracas and both are expected to make their way across the channel independently.

However we haven’t heard from Ermintrude for some time and are deeply concerned that she may have fallen victim to cattle rustlers.

The series’ three minor characters Basil, Paul and Rosalie are believed to have returned to France in the mid 60s after it became apparent they would only ever appear in the opening and closing credits.

The post Brexit exit of French animation characters is expected to affect other shows beloved of British audiences.

A spokesman for Hector’s House, confirmed to the Rochdale Herald that Hector the Dog and his partner Zsazsa the Cat were seriously considering their options.

Kiki the Frog – having long denied rumours that she was living in a “ménage a trois” with the show’s principal characters is believed to have applied for a green card to work in the USA with her cousin Kermit, star of The Muppet Show.

Sources close to the show confirmed that the now aging amphibian is fearful that if she were to apply return to France she may be left without a leg to stand on.