Reports are circulating that investigators digging into the unbelievable past of the UKIP Leader have unearthed a 2004 MySpace page entry in which Paul Nuttall announced his conversion to Judaism.

It’s not certain whether Paul was responsible for the post or not, but theories are circulating that, like the literally challenged So-called President Trump, an inability to read or write particularly well is a common feature of populist leaders.

Nonetheless; we asked that anyone on Mr. Nuttall’s staff with a basic grasp of english to clarify the MySpace statement, so far, we have received no response.

The MySpace statement is included in full below:

“Great afternoon at Synagogue. Such friendly people. Showed me how to get out the back of the building almost as soon as I entered, just like, in case…

“Not at all like they are in those old leaflets Nige gave me last Xmas. Thrilled to have converted. Surprised ceremony was so short.

“Now just need to wait for God to reveal my new name. Anticipating my Rothschild savings book arriving in the mail any day. That’s what happens next, isn’t it?

“Little nervous about the operation. Hope I don’t lose too much. Surprised I have to perform it on myself?”