Panic today as vocal anti-EU campaigner, Dennis Pigwater, forgot a crucial piece of his argument during an online debate.

Dennis, 58, from Rochdale, was engaged in his favourite pastime of debating politics on social media when he was overcome with a temporary memory loss.

Dennis explained, “It started off totally normal. Some bloody Remoaner had posted up loads of facts about the rise of hate crime and the negative effects on the economy following the EU referendum and I just had to say something.”

“I started typing it out, like I always would, ‘BREXIT MEANS…’ But then I froze. I had completely forgotten what Brexit meant. I tried to go through some of my other arguments in the hope it might jog my memory; Leave means Leave, Out means Out, but it just wouldn’t come.”

Mr. Pigwater has since contacted his GP and taken precautions to avoid recurrences:

“Of course, I remember now that Brexit means Brexit but I’ve decided to go ahead with the neck tattoo anyway. I’m not going to be backing down from a fight again, that’s for sure.”