Government announces new mascot for Brexit Will of the People


Brexit Minister, David Davis, today announced the launch of a new campaign which aims to give Britain’s exit from the European Union a more upbeat, relatable image.

Figure heading the campaign is “face of Brexit” Will, Of The People; a simple, relatable character based on the average British voter.

Davis said “We aimed to come up with a character that everyone could identify with. Will is just an average working chap from a small city who feels left behind.

How Davis imagines the average working Joe would look…

“He wants to take back control, as any of us would. He’s a man of the people, for the people. Just not people from the EU.

“Will, Of The People will be our Brexit mascot. Rather than baffling normal, working class people with political jargon during the exit process, we can use Will to explain it in a more accessible way.

“Like how someone down the pub, or standing by some bins in a car park might say it. Through him we can detail the entire process, from the triggering of Article 50 onward, in a simple, everyday, but definitely not patronising way.”

When asked why he had taken this unconventional approach to reporting, Davis responded:

“If Brexit has taught us anything, it’s that people find it very difficult listening to experts. Will, Of The People is catchy and people will like repeating it.”

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