In another reputation-busting move, Paul Nuttall has stumped logicians and shocked the wider world with the classic Liar’s or Epimenides Paradox by saying;

“Everything I say is false”

The statement came over a few pints at the “The Albion” pub in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent as he drowned his sorrows after another particularly harrowing day on the hustings.

This follows his masterly use of a modern version of Jourdain’s Paradox or The Double Liar’s Paradox. His website claims everything Paul Nuttall says is true, but he then went on Radio to claim it was all bullocks.

Philosophers could be debating these revelations for years. If that wasn’t enough, he then went on to expound these gems;

“If a man lives at a house in Stoke, but no one is there to see him, is he talking out of his arse?”


“What’s the sound of one lip lying?”

Some leading academics are even speculating this slew of paradoxes could have irredeemably split the fabric of the universe itself, being triggered by bullshit tremors emanating from the US. We could be witnessing an unstoppable cascade of veracity breakdowns that may never be repaired.

The charade continues.