Paul Nuttall has retracted a claim on his Facebook page from 2009 that
he converted to Islam after sharing a kebab with Mohammed Ali.

“I never did” he retorted, when approached by reporters outside of a Stoke
address which is the temporary location of a mosque.

The community moved location after planning permission to establish a
health clinic for homeless people in the area was refused.

It is believed that Mr. Nuttall himself organised the successful campaign.

“This carpet is for my living room,” Mr. Nuttall clarified. “I bought it
when I went on the Haj last year.”

At this point, Mr. Nuttall reportedly attempted to escape the reporters by
running back towards the building.

Unable to find a point of access, he is
said to have jumped over a fence before attempting to hide.

He later denied fleeing from the reporters or hearing any call to prayer
at all, ever, by any God whatsoever.

A spokesman for Mr. Ali’s estate confirmed that the famous boxer had indeed eaten
a kebab in 2009, but refused to verify Mr. Nuttall’s attendance:

“You’ll have to ask Paul about such claims. It sounds highly unlikely that
Mr. Ali would have broken bread with a bald-headed prat like Nuttall.”

The claim has now been removed from Mr. Nuttall’s Facebook page.

In its place, one of Mr. Nuttall’s staffers has added a poem written by Mr. Nuttall
with the first line “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.