The formerly rebellious Labour rebel, Jeremy Corbyn, has told rebellious Labour rebels to stop being rebellious or else.

The former Labour rebel Jeremy Corbyn who voted against the Labour whips 617 times is a bit cross that Labour MPs, including three Labour whips have voted against the Labour whip now that he is the Labour leader. Just once.

Jeremy, who was usually voting against a Labour government when he was voting against a whip is now fuming that Labour MP’s are voting against a Tory Government when they’re voting against a Labour whip.

Curiously Jeremy has voted against a Labour Government more often than David Cameron.

With irony and potential shadow cabinet appointees who aren’t actually sock puppets or completely imaginary in dangerously low supply, Jeremy has wisely chosen to write them all reasonably strongly worded letters rather than demand their resignations.

David Davis, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and a bunch of other disingenuous twats are all very pleased that Jeremy, who “campaigned” for Remain, has taken such a strong stance against MP’s who feel they must vote with their conscience and vote against Article 50.

“It’s almost as if he’s really pleased we’re leaving the EU, but that can’t possibly be the case because we’re getting nothing but an honest, straight talking and fairer brand of politics from Jeremy. Aren’t we?” A bemused David Davis asked The Herald.

Who said there were no grey area in politics?

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