A woman who felt all was well in world and wasn’t troubled by current media output was horrified to learn the truth today after finally changing the screen protector on her mobile phone.

“I couldn’t believe it.  I hadn’t changed the screen protector since I got the phone in 2015. I didn’t even know I had to change it until my four year old daughter told me. So, after forty minutes of precision cutting, dexterity challenges and some very creative swearing about bubbles, I changed it and I can see clearly now.” Lorraine Hasgone told us earlier.

“Thing is, I hadn’t been seeing the full picture. What the fuck is going on in the world, there is hate, racism, anger and controversy all over the shop.  Some of this shit is just made up on the spot, without a thought about anyone who is gullible enough to think it’s real, or funny.

And that president guy is really orange, I thought it was just that Irn Bru I spilled on it”

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