The Alt-Righteous, or Always Terribly Self-Righteous, are a loose group of people claiming uber-liberal ideologies but with somewhat different behaviours.

They vehemently reject mainstream opinions that differ from their own and dismiss the “non-Righteous” as intellectually sub-normal, undeserving of Democracy.

Their ideologies are also flexible and can change rapidly when an alternative view seems to have attained the moral & intellectual high ground. The term was coined for Nick Clegg who campaigned actively for an EU Membership Referendum but now peers down his nose at anyone who suggests it was ever a good idea.

The Alt-Righteous deal in absolutes where the minimum units of currency are “Ruin”, “Disaster”, “Fascist”, “Stolen Future” & “Dictator”. In their World a Presidential election won legitimately (even if distastefully) still needs to be “legitimised” by their approval, votes are only cast against their view because the intellectually weak are easily manipulated by lies and that, empirically, 49% represents not just a moral but somehow a mathematic majority.

Having seen their self-important attitudes and sneering disdain shepherd in victories for Donald Trump in America and the Leave campaign in the U.K. they are now working to entrench the respective supporter bases. So far it’s looking like they could “win” another set of horrifying “victories”…..”4 More Years…..4 More Years”……Sweet Jesus make it stop…….