Gavin Chappie of Rochdale Community University claims to have made a discovery in the development of AI. 

He told the Herald that his theory may have important repercussions in many areas, and is hoping to attract funding for further work:

“My theory is that Alternative Intelligence, or Alt-Intel, is becoming more widespread in areas such as politics and science, and is indeed replacing conventional, or mainstream as I call it, intelligence.

“Examples include Brexit and Trump’s election, as well as the rejection of established scientific theories such as gravity and evolution.”

Asked what characterised Alt-Intel, Chappie told us:

“The rejection of well researched, generally accepted and fully documented practices and theories, and the replacement of such with knee jerk, emotional responses founded on little or no evidence.”

When asked when his detailed research paper would be released, Chappie replied:

“What? Oh, dunno, only thought of it this morning. Scuse me now, I gotta get back to me cleaning.”

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