John Rant, an out of work shopping trolley attendant and EDL member from Rochdale, has once again taken to social media to claim there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

Despite the fact that the vast and overwhelming majority of Muslims are perfectly law-abiding citizens like everybody else.

Last night he Tweet screamed; “HAVE U READ TH QORAN!??! HAV U READ IT?!!! READ IT ALL THEN COME BACK TO ME!!”
And posted a succession of out-of-context and memes he collected from Breitbart.

Apparently he has read all 6000+ verses in the Koran; quite a feat for a semiliterate book hater. Despite all this expertise, when we asked him to provide context for his quotes he barks;


John, and dozens of other deluded far right loonies, claim that the UK Muslim population will implement sharia law and begin regular beheadings and stonings in our high streets within the next five years.

The irony that John is just another angry paranoid extremist bully protecting his patch from imagined secret extremists has been totally lost on him.

John has failed to grasp all intolerant extremists are a problem.

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