A Mexican conglomerate has offered to purchase the Channel Tunnel when Britain formally leaves the European Union.

Juan Tunnelsunda, CEO of Tunnels 2 US, a new Mexican startup company,  said, “Once Britain leaves the EU and cuts back on immigration, they will no longer need a tunnel and will probably close it down or flood it. We can put it to very good use here.”

He has proposed the sending in of thousands of Mexican workers to dismantle the tunnel and re-assemble it “…somewhere close to the Mexico/US border.”

Tunnelsunda is more than happy with the length of the tunnel as it can be split into many smaller tunnels which will make things easier and more profitable for Tunnels 2 US. Exactly what the tunnels will be used for is, at present, being kept secret. “Walls have ears…”, said the inscrutable Mexican entrepreneur.

Asked for a statement, the government said it was not their policy to comment on undersea operations, but The Herald has learned from an anonymous source that the idea has been welcomed by those in government wishing to control immigration, while also waving two fingers at the Trump administration.