It is 2 years since the upgrade and usage of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) back in Feb 2014. 

Concerns were raised by non-physicists at the time that the experiment to create a quark-gluon plasma could also create a black hole that would suck the earth and surrounding universe into oblivion.

The experiment appeared to go well at the time. But physicists have now admitted they covered up the leaking of a super massive causality fissured manifold singularity at the time. We got a statement from Prof. Molly Kewel of the theoretical particle physics dept. at the Rochdale’s Community University.

“The enormous energies in the experiment brought our universe into contact with another universe of a vanishingly small quantum existence probability. At the point of contact material and timelines from both were exchanged. Consequently, asymptotically improbable scenarios were allowed into our universe in lieu of probable ones. ”

In layman’s terms, a world of absurdist fiction has entered our universe and we are seeing it slowly unfold and unravel our the fabric of our reality.

“It began with Donald Trump declaring he would run for president and has finally ended in the free world being run by a radioactive orange narcissistic lying psychopath, effectively gas-lighting the entire world, telling us lies are truths, denying factual science, withdrawing support for those in need, and effectively persecuting people based on religion or country of origin. In addition an unfeasibly long line of talented famous people were sucked into the quantum gravitational event horizon in a roll call of obituaries in 2016”.

If you wrote it as a film plot people would tell you it was too unbelievable. They would laugh at your childish unsubtle plot structures and two dimensional characters.

But here we are, sat in a critically damaged world of part truths, part fiction, inextricably rolled into one massive paradox like a turd-filled Swiss roll.

And all because of those fake experts so called physicists. Blame them.

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