President Donald J. Trump has apologised for misreading an email which has led to some bizarre policy announcements in the last few days.

The President was sent an email asking him for ‘draft proposals’ which he apparently misread as ‘daft proposals’.

“I thought it was a bit strange that my advisers were asking for daft proposals…”, said President Trump, “…but as many of them seem to know their business a lot better than me, I complied, trying to be as daft as I could.”

The President has recently announced a ban on dolphins and has required all nuns to be strip searched when crossing state lines.

“Basically a lot of the things I have announced in the last few days were daft. I should have been more careful reading this shit. What does this button do?”, said the fuck-witted, orange-haired menace.

The President’s press secretary has arranged an in-depth personal interview with President Trump by Quentin D. Fortesqueue, editor of The Rochdale Herald, saying that it was nice to deal with a news outlet which focused on real news and real issues for a change.