Brexit Campaigner Michael Gove was today looking for a new Court to be in charge of British Sovereignty as the one we have “seems to be no better than the last bunch”.

Having spent the last 2 years shouting about the need for British Courts to be the ones making decision on matters of British Sovereignty, it turns out that The Supreme Court are “pinko-lefty Euro-lapdogs in the pocket of their EU paymasters…..probably”.

Mr Gove was reported to be “incandescent”.

“I’m incandescent” said Mr Gove.

However, the good news for the British people is that their future of the Nation in the EU is now in the expert and experienced hands of Parliament and its MPs.

“This is great news for the British People” Simon Danczuk MP, occasional alleged wife beater, sex pest and pornography enthusiast.

“The right people are in charge now” – Keith Vaz MP, expense fiddling, drug addled, Rent Boy enthusiast and part time passport salesman.

“I told you we couldn’t leave this up to the Plebs” Andrew Mitchell MP, wrongly accused toff and Pleb enthusiast.

“We should probably hire Adam Werritty to consult on this” Liam Fox MP, distasteful man and Adam Werritty enthusiast.