Reclusive Wall Street tycoons the Duke Brothers have been at it again, this time betting against US Democracy.

Last seen with the King of Zamunda, Mortimer has told the Herald that he has won another dollar from Randolph after getting Donald Trump elected to the US presidency.

“Our bet that I couldn’t make Valentine a successful broker and Winthorpe a criminal was great fun, but a bit costly to be fair.”

“I really didn’t think it would come off but that’s the nature of betting. I lost everything on Orange Juice Futures last time. At least this time we’ll be getting a big tax break. I just hope he doesn’t crash the world economy, we kind of need that for futures trading.”

“We dressed Steve Bannon in a gorilla costume and locked him up with a Silverback but it just hid in the corner and stopped eating.”

So there you have it, the dream of the bright city on the hill was squandered for a one dollar bet between a couple of reclusive billionaires.

At first we thought it sounded ridiculous…