Failed entertainer and minister for Brexit, David Davis, will take centre stage in a Deal or No Deal special to be aired on Dave on the 28th of March.

The show will be hosted by cult leader and renowned satyr, Noel Edmonds.

In the show, Mr Davis, along with a minister from each of the EU’s 28 member states, will be given a red box.  In each box will be phrases such as ‘No free movement of people’ and ‘leave the single market’. The game will be played in the traditional manner until a deal is struck with the banker, Jean Claude Junker.

The original show, which ran on Channel 4 for years, was recently cancelled due to welfare concerns for its contestants.

An insider from the show said “Each episode would take a full day to film so contestants would have to take 22 days off work. In that time Noel insisted that they stay at his mansion in Crinkley Bottom”

He continued; “Something weird happened when they stayed with him, something dark. They started believing chance was an exact science and that they could ask Noel and the universe for anything. Some lost their jobs and left with 50p, it was horrible.”

Mr. Edmonds wasn’t available for comment but his agent gave us this statement;

“Noel is thrilled to be heading up these negotiations to get the best outcome for the UK. He’s already asked the universe for us to be able to deport all immigrants and take back control.”