Former Prime Minister Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair has been spotted on this year’s Nobel Peace Prize shortlist.

Famous for his support of fun loving warmonger George W Bush, Blair became leader of the Labour party after the sudden death of the previous leader, John Smith (The Rochdale Herald would like to make the assertion that Mr Blair is in no way implicated in the death of Mr Smith – Ed), in 1994 and became PM in 1997, leaving office in 2007. 

During this time he presided over five wars including Kosovo and two goes at Iraq, was a vigorous advocate of Bush’s “War On Terror” and upon his resignation as PM was immediately inaugurated as UN envoy to the Middle East.

When asked why he thought Mr Blair was on the shortlist a member of his golf club told us that “One of the boys had a pal over from Sweden. He’d been showing us a copy of the shortlist to ask our opinion and put a copy down on a stool by the bar. I honestly don’t think Tony he was sitting on the Nobel Peace Prize shortlist.”

“What? You thought he was shortlisted? Don’t be ridiculous that would be like giving it to Henry Kissinger or Anwar Sadat. They don’t give it to people who start wars…oh.”