In the short film to be aired later this week on Channel 4 News, elves were shown being threatened with dismissal after ‘three strikes’ by a fat beard-clad despot, Santa Claus. 

An agency elf, who wishes to remain anonymous said; 

“It’s brutal, Santa has 10,000 of us making spinning tops even though none of them get delivered because he ‘likes them’ and then on boxing day he makes us burn them all.” He continued;

He continued;
“We’re all on zero hour contracts as well. For three years I only got a full days work for each of them. I’d make the four hour journey each day and just get sent home at the gates, it was soul destroying.”

An investigation has been launched into operations at the huge factory warehouse.

Mr. Claus was not available for comment but he’s thought to be busy with recent animal cruelty charges alleging that he over works exhausted reindeer.