In the last few minutes the Supreme Court have voted 6 to 5 in favour of Parliament having the final say on Brexit.

Rochdale urban hip-hop & street dance collective Supreme Court took time out from their busy schedule to offer their views on the Brexit debate. At their lunch break at the Rochdale school of catering where they met they came down 6 to 5 in favour of the role of Parliament in Democracy.

Collective leader Skill-Zee (real name Sam Heckinbottom from Bury) had earlier told us “Aye-whatever innit! Yous got to give it up for my main man Teresa May when it comes to fundamental questions of democracy and the role of the lower chamber. She has the mandate of the peeps – you know what I is sayin’. Boi-akash-ah!”

But it seems that he has lost the debate with fellow Hotel & Catering students and baseball cap enthusiasts. The opposition, led by choreographer Flawless-K (real name Sharon Scoggins from Garstang) said “Word-up. It is all about procedural accuracy and establishing the primacy of Parliament over ancient Royal prerogative. Innit”

With the vote going to the wire, Supreme Court members Strykah, Sugary Brown, Baretta, Barbaloo and Hunter-D all came down on the side of parliament to bring the debate to a close.