In a shocking turn of events, the Daily Mail have claimed police forensics have revealed to them that during the investigation into Thomas Mair they recovered a mysterious foreign book at the house of the convicted terrorist. 

The strange book is said to have been placed under a table leg in the room to prevent it from wobbling. 

After a controlled explosion performed in the kitchen using a remote controlled bomb disposal robot and a detailed analysis of the fragments, it has been revealed that the mystery transcript was a Koran.

The Daily Mail has seized upon the revelation to point the finger for the terrorist outrage firmly at Islamist radicalisation. 

In a foaming white-knuckled rant Paul Dacre was allegedly heard screaming at his editorial staff to immediately write the full story update as a front page, with centre-page spread, on the evils of immigration and the spreading radicalisation of young men. 

In a further revelation it has been revealed Mair is really just a young man of 19 years old, his face ravaged by the evils of radicalisation.