Protesters smashed windows and turned violent in Oregon and a few other places last night.

“Trump is anti-democratic!” yelled the crowd protesting against the man who recently won an election, “And his hair is shit!”

Jesse McTofuburger, an organiser for Oregon Shoutiness For What’s Righteous Coalition, said “Donald Trump fans swore that they would take to the streets shouting ‘fix’ if he lost, we want to show how different we are to those idiots by… hold on, I think I might have spotted an error in my logic… No, it’s gone! Trump out! Trump out! Trump out!”

Meanwhile Mr Trump said he was willing to bring the long hand of the law out against the protesters.

“I have a big hand of the law, yuige. It’s the bigliest hand and it’s gonna be great. We’re gonna… What’s that, Mike? January? Oh. Let Obama deal with it then!”

In the UK Brexit supporters are denying that they as people who believed whatever came out of the dishonest mouth of a rich, blond moron in a suit have anything in common with those in the USA who voted for Trump.

Airline tickets out of the USA are still available but deliberation is not recommended.