Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau reacted to the news of Donald Trump’s election as US President by announcing plans for a wall to be built along the US/Canadian border. 

“While we are the most hospitable of nations,” Trudeau said “we simply do not have the resources to deal with the influx of destitute citizens fleeing a repressive regime seeking a better life in our country.”

He continued “We anticipate a massive influx of reasonable, liberal American citizens desperate to retain shreds of dignity such as being entitled to choose what to do with their own body. Obviously as America has caused this problem, it will have to pay for the construction of the wall.”

This could cause immediate problems for the Trump administration, according to Professor of Mural Economics at McMaster University, Prof Paul L’Eveque.

“The fact that the Mexican wall President Trump has insisted the Mexicans pay for will need to be 1933 miles long, whereas the Canadian wall – to be funded by the USA- is 3987 miles means the new administration will be in an immediate 100% deficit situation in terms of wall payments. And that’s not even including the Alaskan border.”

Donald Trump was unavailable for comment but a spokesman said that Mr Trump suddenly considered the notion of walls between countries a fatuous idea..