It has been revealed that last night’s violence at the London stadium was caused when West Ham fans chanted the name of the Bake Off winner. Knowing full well that Chelsea fans had it recording to watch later. 

Hammers fans were heard singing “Candice has got a lovely pair of Show Stoppers” and “Your bake is shit, ahhhhhh!”  before the first seats were thrown. 

Chelsea fan Malcolm Hibblethwaite from Manchester was in the midst of the trouble and said;

“It was awful. It’s bad enough that they schedule a match like this when they know full well it’s the last proper Bake Off. But to then have a bunch of ruffians shout the result at you, when I’ve Sky plussed it to watch later with a Rioja and some brioche? Well I just saw red and had to throw down fisticuffs. I nutted some slag who wanted Andrew to win.”

Chelsea FC have released a statement saying that not only will they. permanently ban anyone identified as being part of the violence, but they are stopping the sale of macaroons and Bovril at Stamford Bridge until everyone jolly well apologises.