In sensational news today David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan, has withdrawn his support for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

The former Grand High Poobah of the KKK joins a long list of right wing whack jobs and political heavyweights to un-endorse Trump including Rudy Giuliani, Hulk Hogan, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, the rapist Mike Tyson and Scott Baio.

David Duke said “Trump and I see eye to eye on many things like what we should do with the n#%#^rs, c###s, w@&s and k###s. But frankly you can’t talk about white women like that. It’s fine to talk about black women like that, but not white ones.”

Recent polls suggest that If David Duke ran for President he could genuinely persuade more black Americans and white women to vote for him than Donald Trump.

We didn’t make the last bit up….