As Poppy Day draws ever closer, the strain of making anti Muslim memes has proven to much for Britain First’s head of social media, Tommy (No knuckles) Smith, and yesterday he fell off his right-wing stool and into a coma.

Doctors suspect that poor old racist Tommy had been producing Britain First’s ‘proper gander’ at such an alarming rate that his tiny weeny dinky little brain couldn’t cope, and simply gave up on him.

Tributes to Mr. Smith have been pouring in literally in their two’s. One from the head man himself, Mr. Paul Goulding, which was beautifully written in a variety of coloured crayons and read:

‘get weel soone tomi’.

The other, from Mrs. Smith, read:

‘Wot did u do wiv our benifit check you lazee scumbag??!!1’

We will be keeping an eye on the situation and if we can get it past IPSO (independent Press standards Organization) we will be running a competition to find one lucky person who will get to turn off his life support.

Illiterate writer of nonsense. Great at headlines but tail off during the story ;-) Available for weddings funerals and kids parties. Never lie, or do I? Married to a retired supermodel come part time donkey racer. Will work for beer and crisps.