Britain is going to reclaim its sovereignty and make itself great again by sticking two fingers up at Europe and adopting every law and all of its rules and regulations.

Unelected dictator for life, Theresa May, outlined the plans at the recent Conservative party conference.

Tory Minister, Edward Giles-Crumpet said;

“A hard Brexit will see us leave Europe quickly with maximum damage to the pound. Keeping everything as it is will make that transition go more smoothly.”

The Brexit ‘plan’ has so far come under heavy fire from UKIP and most voters who wanted self governance for the UK.

UKIP party spokesman, Ray Cist, said;

“This is an affront to democracy. It’s not what millions of British people voted for. We’re basically staying exactly how we were but but shitter, with a weaker pound and no one to trade with. It’s a disgrace. We want the UK to manage itself without all these silly workers rights and politically correct ‘be nice to each’ other crap.”

Theresa May said Article 50 will be triggered no later that April Fools Day.