E-Cigarettes cause your internal organs to fuse together creating one large ‘super organ’ that later bursts, scientists have found.

The two-year study, which followed heavy users of the increasingly popular nicotine delivery system, showed signs of minor organ fusion after just six months with the appendix, gall bladder and spleen interknitting to become one.

After two years, all known organs of the torso had converged and migrated to the shoulder blades forming a giant hump.

Miraculously, the new organ is able to carry out all the functions of the once separate organs for a short period before flooding with cerebrospinal fluid and ‘detonating.’

‘The organ-gorged megahump swells, leaks and finally erupts, causing instantaneous brain collapse,’ said Head Researcher Dr Roberts.

While death comes swiftly, users reported considerable discomfort and embarrassment as the organs join and journey up to the scapulae.

There is evidence that if you quit vaping before any given organ has reached the blades then it may return to its original position in the body, although there are fears that once back in place it doesn’t work properly and makes whistling sounds.

‘We are urging all vapers to stop vaping and monitor themselves closely for signs of orgtransmigration.

‘If you do suspect any one of your organs to be on the move then hold your nose and ring your GP immediately.’