Parents are furious about Rochdale Primary School’s decision to force children to learn Arabic symbols in Maths lessons.

Many parents believe that forcing their children to learn the value of numbers derived far in the past by Arabic scholars would be detrimental to them, and contribute to the further erosion of British culture and values. 

Parent Hugh Piltdown objects to the plans and said; 

“I don’t want my kids learning no Islamic numbers. I never learned no maths and it never did me no harm. I’ve had a job at McDonalds since I were 16. Maths is just political correctness gone mad.”

Another opponent of the lessons, Neil Andethal told us;

“They only need to know stuff about great British people like Churchill, Beckham, Danzcuk and Cowell. Anything else is a waste of my hard earned taxes. If anyone tries to teach my girls the number 69, I swear I’ll do time.”

The school has caused contoversy before with its decision to take religious education classes into mosques to learn about Islam, in line with its policy of pupils being taught by those people in possession of relevant knowledge. 

The Herald contacted the School for comment. The headmaster Nigel Cainer said;

“We shall continue to instruct and inform our pupils to the best of our abilities to prepare them for life in an ever changing world. The tuition of ignorance we shall leave to the most capable parents.” 

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