Things just got real in the editorial bunker at The Rochdale Herald after those soft southern satirist impersonators at The Southend News Network went legal in the Mr Tumble plagiarism row.

The letter which was faxed to us with a letterhead and everything read;

Dear Herald,

It has come to our attention blah blah blah. Blatant copyright infringement wah wah wah. Cease and desist yada yada yada. Our client has children to feed boo hoo hoo. Stop plagiarising etc etc etc. We’ll sue you.

Yours sincerely,

Anita Alabye
Screwdem, Goode & Hart

Well we say screw you Southend News Network we stand by our correspondents and if Melania says she wrote it all by herself we believe her so bring the noise.

Let’s get ready to Tumble!