The once popular Rochdale Feel Good Festival is to be rebranded as ‘The Rochdale Feel Alright Festival’ in a shock last minute announcement by Rochdale council. 

Barry Schitpoke a leading counciller said “The Fratellis who were supposed to be headlining dropped out the night before as they were offered a 60th in Hove. We thought Feel Good was a little excessive what with it pissing it down an’ that”. He assured us that there would still be entertainment though in the form of Mother of Pearl Jam, a popular Queen tribute act. Sally Adinoke, star of a 1993 DFS advert will also be making origami hens on stage 2. 

Local man Brian Shallowfallow seemed indifferent to the news asking “Will there still be booze?”. Well we can safely say yes Brian, there will be booze a plenty! Susan Sanfrancisco the events official spokesperson left us with this statement;

“Don’t forget to arrive early for all the exciting events including the newly added Tramp Goading. For just a fiver a pop you can dare homeless people to jump into the newly opened up river and watch hilarity ensue! There’s all so lead based face painting for the kiddies at 50p a go and cooking with Ainsley Harriot’s cousin Mosely!”

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