Donald Trump hit a new low today by disembowelling a newborn baby and eating her still beating heart like an apple after she interrupted him during a speech at a rally.

The esteemed political philosopher was rambling about how his Chinese tenants love the marble floor and gold leaf urinals  in his building in New York when the baby began crying.

Trump was heard to say “Don’t worry, I love babies, I hear that baby crying and I like it. She’s healthy and happy, that’s what we want. I love babies.” before nodding to Paul Mannafort, Trump’s top campaign advisor, who knocked the woman to the ground with an oar and confiscated the child.

The baby was then passed from supporter to supporter through the crowd to a crescendoing chant of “Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump” till it arrived on the podium where Donald proceeded to eat her heart and drink her blood while her mother sobbed and beat the floor of the auditorium and the crowd cheered.

“I think she really believed me when I said I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking.” Donald said between mouthfuls of liver.

The crowd didn’t seem to mind at all though.

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