The editorial team were said to be jubilant at the news this evening that former England, Leeds and Manchester City centre forward David White was following us on Twitter.

Not the footballer David White, the other one, the Labour Party one from Croydon

They were a little bit disappointed to learn that it was actually a different David White. The David White who is following us on Twitter is the chap who quite rightly stuck up for Ken Livingstone over the whole ‘Hitler was a Zionist’ mischief.

The former London Mayor Red Ken Livingstone pointed out in a radio interview that Hitler was supporting Zionism by deporting Jews to Palestine in the early 1930’s. The Labour Party NEC decided that pointing out an unabridged, factually correct version of history was somehow anti-Semitic. Pish-posh and nonsense we say.

Hitler did deport lots of Jewish people to Palestine, knowing that fact doesn’t make you an anti-Semite (take note David Mann you noisy berk). Knowing that Israel shouldn’t really have phosphorous bombs, let alone be dropping them on civilians, doesn’t make you anti-Semitic either.

David White gallantly took to Twitter to defend Ken and got suspended over the whole row. Good for you David, none of this post facts politics for you or Ken. Leave that to Boris.