Buckingham Palace has released a statement from the Queen denying that she has ever met Prince Andrew.

In the statement the Queen said, “I’ve never heard of this man, he’s never been in my womb or any of my palace’s. I want to put this to bed now. This man who claims to be Prince Andrew has no connection to my family at all.”

Rochdale resident Bill Board told us, “It seems a little implausible. I mean there’s all those pictures of him and her together. I’ve seen video footage of her attending his wedding and him being introduced as her son. There’s newspaper announcements where she’s saying that he’s her son and pictures of her outside the hospital he was born in. How can she possible deny she knows him?”

Rochdale resident Stan Still told us, “I went to a garden party that the Queen hosted. HE was there. I mentioned to here that I had a son as well. She didn’t deny he was her son then. I’ve even got a picture of me with the 2 of them and he’s wearing a badge that says, worlds best son. I saw the Queen give him it.”

Another Rochdale resident told us, “I remember being in the Navy with him. It was easy to spot him because when we did PT he never used to sweat. He was always in trouble with the PT instructor because the instructor didn’t think he was working hard enough. Anyway, he was often saying how his mother owned the ship and she would phone him and he’d talk to her. The Captain said it’s your mother, the Queen every time she would phone up.”

Elsewhere it’s alleged Prince Harry messaged the Royal Family WhatsApp group saying, “Dressing as a Nazi, not so bad now is it.”

In response a spokesman for the Queen said, “Those photos have been manipulated somehow. I’m not saying they’re faked but there’s something not right about them.”