The Oxford English Dictionary has announced that it is redefining the meaning of Blitz Spirit. The move comes a day after the British Government handed over responsibility for appointing its ambassadors to Donald Trump.

A spokesman for the Oxford English Dictionary told us, “This is the second time this year we’ve had to update this. The first time was because Blitz Spirit had to mean cowering on the top of the bus because you’d seen a milk shake. Now it’s letting foreign Governments run your country.”

One prominent academic told us, “Many people will be surprised that the country that stood alone in 1940 against Hitler now sees fit to have its ambassadors hand picked by foreign Governments. But that’s just the kind of screwed up world we now live in. Not only is this acceptable but many self described “patriots” think this is somehow a good thing because of some notion of a special relationship. It is very special when you’re country is having parts of its foreign policy dictated to it by a foreign power.”

The move has been welcomed in some quarters. There have been reports that the Saudi Arabian Government has suggested to Boris Johnson that he might like to make Bernard Matthews the ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

One patriot told us, “This is exactly what the country should have done years ago. We’re leaving the fascist dictatorship that is the EU. We’ve got our country back and now we’re going to give it to a US President who thinks far right thugs are good guys. That’s Democracy right there.”

The same patriot recently praised Vladimir Putin for not messing around with spies and having them “ended”. When it was pointed out to him that the only person Vladimir Putin had succeeded in having killed was an innocent British woman he threatened to get all democratic with a baseball bat.