Extinction Rebellion activist deliberately intended to get herself arrested, safely

With parts of the nation’s capital experiencing air almost as clean as Rochdale’s, we caught up with serial protestor Tamara Perry on her latest arrest:

“Well, I started with this approach with Plane Stupid.  Activism is meaningless if you’re not willing to be arrested for your beliefs.  I’m in the fortunate position that I inherited enough money to be able to take time off work.  I am aware of this, so it’s not like I’m not aware that you can poke fun at me for it, but the planet is more important, you know.”

Tamara has indeed put her work as a jewellery designer temporarily on hold, although she has sold some of her Africa pendants at the protest to other protesters who look like her.

“You might be surprised, but the police have been really good about it actually.  I had chained myself to a lorry, and they even helped me drink some water whilst they cut me off.  I understand they have a job to do, but I’m sure many of them agree with what are trying to achieve here.”

“I really don’t understand why Windrush and Grenfell campaigners don’t adopt the same civil disobedience strategy we do.  If they were willing to be arrested, I’m sure the police would be equally as nice to them.”

Tamara expects to be released unbruised within 30 days.