Colin, the Australian saltwater crocodile, spoke of his relief at winning 10 meals for camp in the latest ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Bushtucker Trial.

The ‘Never Smile’ Challenge was changed at the last minute as producers realised that having a celeb harpoon and eat a live crocodile on prime time TV could lead to protests from animal cruelty activists. Instead the roles were reversed and it was up to Colin to kill and devour Fleur East, which he successfully did with 2 minutes to spare.

Muffled noises from inside Colin sounded vaguely like “I’m a celebrity PLEASE get me out of here” were passed off by Colin as a touch of indigestion. “I’m just glad it was Fleur. I think Harry would have been a bit tough and Anne is frankly a bit scary.”

“I’m pleased to have played my part though I won’t be joining camp for dinner. I’m stuffed.”

Colin is no stranger to our screens having once been poked with a stick by Steve Irwin on his show ‘Crocodile Irker’.