It was revealed today that the Brexit deal was decided by the British government and the EC leaders taking part in an episode of popular 1980s game show ‘Bullseye’.

The British pair, Dominic Raab and Theresa May had promised the ‘folks at home’ a star prize but many criticised the choice of having Theresa throw the arrows and Dominic answering the questions. This is largely due to Raaab being a former Oxford University javelin champion and May not being a total cretin.

In the end, Theresa hit the board with three of her nine darts scoring a total of 3. Meanwhile┬áRaaaab struggled with questions on ‘The Major Ports of the U.K.’

As a result, they did not win the main prize of the car industry as well as missing out on other prizes such as adequate food, sufficient medical supplies and Scotland.

Instead they left with a tin of pilchards, a fitting prize as that is pretty much all U.K. fishermen will be landing from now on. The host, the rotting corpse of Jim Bowen bade them goodbye with catchphrase ‘you can’t beat a bit of Brexit’ and handed them each a ceramic dustbin. Raab said “I’m disappointed. I wanted a speedboat.”