52 year old mother of two Janice Longthorne has spent so many hours watching Netflix shows such as ‘Making a Murderer’ (seasons one and two) and ‘The Staircase’ that she now believes she is a top notch expert in the science of blood spatter.

The part time Tesco’s check-out assistant told us, “I just got really hooked during season one of Making a Murderer and somehow it all got soaked into my mind.

“It’s had a really positive effect around the house. For example, I live with 3 men (my husband and two sons) and I can now 100% tell who’s responsible for the piss stains around the toilet floor. I closely examine the drips and run off directions and from that I can simply work out the direction, trajectory and height that the urine was fired from.

“Then, using my Shewee, I can accurately reenact the crime and produce matching piss stains”

Janice went on to tell us that it’s also had practical uses around the kitchen.

“For example, the messy fuckers leave tea or coffee stains all over the worktops and again, by simply lobbing a used teabag and inspecting the drips, runoffs and tea splatters, I can prove how tall the person responsible for the mess is, thus avoiding blaming the wrong person.  It’s been utterly life changing I can tell you.

“Mind you, that’s mostly because my husband walked out taking the kids with him several weeks ago”.