A member of UKIP was today suspended when found reading a book that does not appear on UKIP’s ‘approved’ list.

The list, which includes Tommy Robinson’s Mohammed’s Koran, Mein Kampf, Nietzsche. Heidegger and rather bizarrely ‘Swan’ by Naomi Campbell is a short one.

UKIP Councillor Ron Smalls, however, was found to have a book in his possession that a UKIP official described as ‘deeply disturbing’.

The book, described as championing the anarcho-syndicalist struggle of downtrodden industry against the capitalist system is said to be set on a dystopian anachronistic island called Sodor.

Ron has insisted that he was simply planning to burn the book as per UKIP rules and, in his defence, when caught with the offending literature he was holding it upside down.

The suitably chastised Mr Smalls admitted possession of ‘James and the Diesel Engines’ with intent let his grandson read it to him.

Dick Flopp, UKIP spokesman said “Is this really what we want for our children? They might grow up wanting to be engine drivers. Or socialists. Or both.”