Piers Morgan has told ITV viewers that if they loved the Blitz they’re going to love Brexit.

Morgan made the comments in on Good Morning Britain between a report about a woman who contacts people’s previously discarded household appliances and advice telling people that the worst thing you could do is wear the colour purple to the beach. A segment that was a hit with Ian Huntley.

Morgan said, “There’s a lot of talking down about Brexit but it really isn’t going to be as bad as two world wars were. In fact, there’s a lot to be said about the Blitz. If you loved that then I’ve got news for you, Brexit is going to be just as fun.”

One GMB viewer told us, “I wasn’t alive during the Blitz and frankly, being born in 1943 means I can’t actually remember the Second World War. But, I know that the Blitz was fun. Everyone sitting together, having a sing song down the tube knowing you’re going to win in 1945 because you’ve seen Band of Brothers so many times. If Brexit is only a tenth as good then it’s been worth it.”

Many experts who read the comments and have been saying that Brexit could lead to civil unrest have since re-evaluated their position. One said, “I’d not realised that an ex-newspaper editor who was sacked for publishing fake photographs as real would come and show us all the way forward. I was genuinely worried but now that I realise that Brexit won’t be as bad as 2 world wars I’ll put those worries to rest.”

Other things that it’s believed that Brexit won’t be as bad as are a nuclear holocaust and Virgin Media canceling UK Gold’s 25th consecutive year of Only Fools and Horses reruns.