New Charity is hoping to help the children Donald Trump demanded to be locked up at the US border. 

A new charity has been started to help the child hostages at the US border. The Trump Administration continues to rack up human rights violations at a world record pace. Almost as if they are attempting to advertise for how truly awful America has become. The country already leads the world, in the number of people in prison. Now “The Land of The Free” has decided to put immigrants looking for safety behind bars.

The new charity called “Open Cages Open World” has been raising funds to help the children who are being ripped from their parents. The children are then thrown in cages at the US border.  The charity is providing the children with books, meals and paper towels. It’s hoped that young migrants will learn about better places to live once they are free.

“I’ll be honest most charities are just scams. Some just spread awareness and that’s it. But everyone in the world already knows about this and basically, everyone agrees that this needs to stop.” – An Intern told us while she was giving an unattended 3 year its first meal in a week.

The charity also revealed that it has copied the methods of Dog Rescue ads. The charity shows an image of a child in a cage, while the saddest music plays in the background. For only 50p a day you can help one of these poor children before going back to watching a repeat of Only Fools and Horses.